June 15, 2024

Quality Contract Manufacturing, Computerized Machining, Conventional Machining and much more...

With more than 35 years creating innovative design solutions, we feel the simplest answers are sometimes the cheapest and best.

MCS Products will work around the clock to get our customers out of tight spot. We have never delivered parts late.

Services provided by MCS Products

• Contract Manufacturing using various processes
• Conventional machining
• Computerized Machining (CNC)
• Assembly work
• Clicker die punching (cookie cutter style)
• Punch Press parts
• Hand forming of springs
• Clips and wire forms
• Welding, fitting and assembly

About the Owner

Company owner Matthew Smithers is a winner of the DELL Customer Solutions Award, Thermalloy Inc's Presidents Award, Electronic Packaging's Product of the Year award and more. He has volunteered with the Texas Inventors Association for the past 14 years to help keep inventors from being "taken advantage of."

Contact Us

Telephone: 972-221-1732
Fax: 972-436-4732
Email: info@mcsproducts.net

Trade Shows

As seen at AmCon, booth 205 and Design 2 Part, booth 535.